I’m Bored

Are you bored with this blog yet?  The posts are not as funny.  I’m not as nervous.  And it’s hard to think of something to say every day or so.  It turns out that I am finding homeschooling to be a blast (when I don’t hate being with my kids), and blogging to be far more difficult than I thought – It seems I have nothing to say when I’m not miserable.

That can’t be good.

About Tara Edelschick

Right now, Tara is on sabbatical in Costa Rica. She is sleeping more, and exercising and flossing every day for the first time in her life. She is enjoying her husband, her boys, and Nafisa (the daughter she never had) more than she ever has. And she is learning to rest in the arms of the one who doesn't rank you based on how many things you can cross off your list at the end of the day. Follow her on Twitter@TaraWonders.

  • Kim Messenger

    No, I am emphatically not bored. Why not think of the blog as just a chance to reflect on the day or week's experience? You don't need to be amusing every time on our account.

  • Liz Archambault

    Tara- I am really appreciating your blog- even without having my own kids, and would be sad if you stopped- however if you haven't come across it yet- I wanted to offer another blog for you to check out while you are feeling a bit disenchanted with your own:

  • http://www.talesofatvaholic.com Shannah

    I had the same thought, but I don't feel like writing every day so I decided I would just write when I feel like it. No pressure. I have known you for a LONG time and I assure you, you are never boring!