Sick Day

No home school today.  Not unless you are one of the unschoolers.  The unschoolers reject the whole idea of school.  We are all teachers and all students all of the time.  Life is about teaching and learning.  Cool.

For the unschoolers, today would have been just another day.  But not for me.  I’m neurotically goal oriented.  How will I know I am successful at teaching them if I don’t have a 20-page document of learning objectives? (Sadly, that was not hyperbole.  The 20 pages contain everything from, “Identify root words and common inflectional endings,” to “Learn to breathe completely, using diaphragmatic, or belly, breathing.” Once I get started on a list, I have a hard time identifying a sane stopping point.)

Today, though, we had to unschool because Mommy was too sick to get out of bed for more than 30 minutes.  Based on reports, here is some of what my kids learned today while they unschooled:

1 – Mommy can make really horrific sounds while hurling.

2 – If we play our cards right, we can get a Happy Meal from Grandpa and soda from Amma.

3 – We can use linear regression to explore acceleration due gravity.  (OK – that was more than hyperbole.  You might call it an outright lie.  But they did spend an hour racing the Star Wars mini-skateboards that came in their Happy Meals down the driveway at my parents’ house.)

4 – Homeschool is more fun when Mommy is sick.

For everyone but hurling Mommy.

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    Feel better T!!!