Money Well Spent

Donuts, Arthur, and a car showroom.  How could that be bad, right?

It wasn’t.  It was a great day of homeschool at the Honda dealer.  Where they serve free donuts, have a flatscreen TV, and let you use a small table and whiteboard in a playroom for kids. Sweet.

We got more done in three hours this morning than we did all last week:  Handwriting, which turned into a math lesson on place value; phonics instruction for each boy while the other watched PBS; finishing the scrapbooks from China; introduction to Buddhism from the book that was laying on the bookshelf at the dealer (seriously!); finishing our children’s novel about a boy in Communist China; a few pages out of a workbook on maps; picture narration focused on the difference between common and proper nouns; and some poetry recitation.

I only glared four or five times all morning.  The boys only asked me twenty times if they could have another donut or watch another TV program.  And it only cost me $150 to get two new keys made and have them check the transmission.

Next week, I’m going to slash my tires.

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  • Sweet! You are the master of creativity. Go you for not just bagging the whole thing.