“What did you have for breakfast this morning?  Did you have a bunch of syrup?!!”

“What time did you get up?  Were you two up talking all night?!!”

I was on the warpath this morning, trying to figure out why the kids were behaving so badly.  Was it sugar?  Lack of sleep?

Oh wait.  I went to bed late after having a big piece of ice cream cake.  It’s starting to make sense.

About Tara Edelschick

Right now, Tara is on sabbatical in Costa Rica. She is sleeping more, and exercising and flossing every day for the first time in her life. She is enjoying her husband, her boys, and Nafisa (the daughter she never had) more than she ever has. And she is learning to rest in the arms of the one who doesn't rank you based on how many things you can cross off your list at the end of the day. Follow her on Twitter@TaraWonders.