Random Sunday Thoughts

Chili’s in the pot, Jeff is in NH, and the boys are staging intergallactic battles. Time for three random thoughts.

Many people (relative to the small numbers who read this site) have asked for pictures.  I will start posting pics this week, beginning with the salt and flour maps.

Isn’t whipped cream just amazing?  I mean it starts out a liquid and without adding chemicals or freezing it, it becomes a solid.  Very, very cool.

Finally, a former professor of mine – and an awesome chica all around – wrote in to say that I misunderstood the uses of altars in at least a Chinese context.  You can read my response if you click over to that post.  But let me say here that I think her general point is a good one, and that the majority of people making altars to their ancestors today do not think them of them in the way that I do.  All of this to say, write back!  I like a good challenge.

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