Last year, Zachary and Ezra were at the Amigos, a bilingual school where their teachers spoke only Spanish one week and only English the next.  It’s a remarkable school in many ways, and I wanted to keep up their Spanish this year so that they could back next year if we don’t keep homeschooling

We hired a Spanish-speaking au pair to be with the boys when Jeff and I are working.  I thought she would speak exclusively Spanish, but that didn’t work out.  Ezra just refused to have anything to do with her.  So now they play a lot of Uno, which isn’t quite what I had in mind.

Oh well.  Uno is fun; the boys love Kathiana; and I feel good when I leave them with her to go to work.  And if the placement test to get back into the Amigos asks them to name the primary colors or to Draw Four of anything, they’ll be all set.

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  • Janis Henning

    Tara –

    Mom led me to this blog you have been keeping. I sat down to read a few, and ended up reading the entire thing! Your writings have made me laugh, made me ponder, and made me cry. I have a few things to ask you on a private site – I'm thinking our 2 boys may have a few things in common. Get my email from Brenda, it's on Facebook. Love ya, Cuz — keep up the wonderful work you are doing with your boys!!