I thought I’d end the week with this heartwarming story from our trip to the bookstore yesterday.

Knowing that Zach is obsessed with all things sports these days — especially if those sports are played by someone in a Boston jersey — I directed his attention to a book about Babe Ruth.

“Who’s he?”

“One of the greatest baseball players who ever lived.”

“Does he play for the Red Sox?”

“Well, he did until they traded him to the Yankees.  But that was a long time ago.”

“Is he dead?”

“Mmm hmm.”

At which point he performed his signature fist pump and shouted, “Yes!”

“Zach, we don’t cheer when someone is dead.”

“Oh yeah.”

But he was less then convinced and added, “But now he can’t beat our team.”

Makes a mother proud.

Have a good weekend.  I’ll be back Monday with more pieces on exercise and play.

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