The Wave of the Future

I had to spend the day at church, helping out with a funeral, and Jeff had a staff meeting – which was luckily happening in our dining room.  Still, we had no one to homeschool the boys.

Ezra wanted to come to the church to “help bring in the body.”  I declined his offer and resorted to the fallback of absent teachers everywhere: worksheets!

I left the boys a stack of worksheets and instructions that they shouldn’t bother Daddy.  They were excited, insisting that they could teach themselves, stay on task, and not make too much noise.

All of which happened, according to reliable sources.  And no one cried, or whined that the work was too hard, or punched his brother because that brother put a mark on his paper when that brother, “KNEW I didn’t want him marking on my paper!!!!!”

Am I what’s wrong with our homeschool?  Could worksheets be the wave of our homeschool future?

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  • Cynthia

    I like that some of the worksheets shown in the picture are Music Theory worksheets. Even though I know that this is probably not a picture of the worksheets the boys completed, I still like the idea homeschoolers learning Music Theory. 🙂