Pitching a Tent

Picture taken from the second floor of our house, looking into the "most awesomest" tent ever.

What is it about a tent?  Two nights ago the boys set up a tent on the porch and slept out there with Daddy.

Zach’s assessment of things as he crawled in for bed? “Oh my GOSH.  This is the most awesomest night of my life!!”

Ezra’s thoughts? “Dude, we could move out here.”

Daddy’s thoughts? “Don’t you think it would be great if MOMMY slept out here and I stayed inside in the big, comfy bed?”

It rained yesterday, so we had to move the tent inside, where it now takes up every square inch of available space in their room.  This didn’t stop them from sleeping in it, though.  They stayed there last night and are asleep there now.  We’ve had homeschool in the tent.  Timeouts in the tent.  And general merriment all day long in the tent.

I don’t get it.  I’m more of a hotel girl, myself.  What is it about a tent?


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  • christina

    For most of human history what children did when they actively played was travel in largely unsupervised groups where they engaged in free imaginative play – whether it was outdoors, on a street corner, or somebody’s back yard – usually making forts and tent like structures were part of that type of play (e.g. playing house). Tents are like a small house that children feel like they have some control over, so it's a perfect tool to practice different roles, scenarios, scripts, etc. But more importantly, for me (I'm a tent lover myself) it can be used in the outdoors. Nature is amazingly fun, instructive, and healing. I think God meant for us to live in tents – close to nature.

  • Syndi

    Selah saw the picture and when I explained what the boys were doing, she asked for her own tent! I hope it's still up when we come on Saturday – Selah would love to play there w/ the boys!