The next post

“Why, Ez? Why have you been insubordinate the last few days?”

“I dunno.”

“Ezra, you’re a good boy, but you have been disobeying everything I say for the last few days.  What’s up?”

“Well, everybody loves Zach more than me.”

Which is absolutely untrue.

And I don’t mean it’s untrue that people like Zach better.  I do think that’s untrue, but I’m talking here about Ezra’s flare for drama, which often leads to a flare for lying.  He couldn’t come up with a good answer for his rotten behavior over the last week so he made something up.

I have no doubt that he wonders if people like Zach better.  He may even fear that they do.  But more than anything he wanted to say something dramatic to throw me off course.

The boy loves drama.

For example, just today I watched him standing in the middle of a water element at the park, soaked from head to toe, and performing for an audience in his imagination.

With arms out to his sides, he begins, “Ladies and gentlemen of all shapes and sizes, thank you for coming to the amazing Ezra show!”

At just that moment, he raises his arms and the water begins to shoot high in the air in an arch above him.  He had obviously timed things so that he would finish his opening line just as the water element reached the climax in its cycle.

He’s funny.  And he’s delightful to watch.  He makes me smile all day. But I worry that he may have confused his true identity with a show he is always performing.  It’s as though he thinks of his life merely as potential for the next blog post.

Oh wait…


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