I get no respect.

Zach’s been asking to go back to school.  He misses his friends.  And we haven’t gotten much done school-wise lately as we prepare to leave the country on a three-month sabbatical.  Not a lot going on to bolster my ever-hungry ego.

So I foolishly tossed the boys what I thought was a softball question.  I knew it was stupid, but I thought it would give them a chance to express their gratitude for all I do.  They might even throw in an unsolicited hug.  A girl can hope, right?


Me: Would you say that I am the best mom in all of Cambridgeport?

The Boys: No!  No way!

I should have just stopped at this point.  But now I was curious.

Me: Really?  Who is the best mom?

Zach: Oh, Max’s mom.  Or Nathan’s mom.

Ezra: All of the Amigos moms, really. (Amigos is the name of the public school the boys attended before homeschooling.)

Being a glutton for punishment, I continued…

Me:  Is Daddy the best daddy in all of Cambridgeport?

The Boys:  Yes!  Definitely!

Me: Really?  Daddy is so much better?

Ezra: Not really.  It’s just that the moms are a lot better than the dads.

Me:  So you’re saying that I have more competition than Daddy.

Ezra: Exactly.

Bad news for me.  Bad news for the weak field of fathers in our neighborhood.  I guess that’s what I get for soliciting praise from ingrates who don’t appreciate that I make them write essays, drill flash cards, and wash their hands after they poop.



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Right now, Tara is on sabbatical in Costa Rica. She is sleeping more, and exercising and flossing every day for the first time in her life. She is enjoying her husband, her boys, and Nafisa (the daughter she never had) more than she ever has. And she is learning to rest in the arms of the one who doesn't rank you based on how many things you can cross off your list at the end of the day. Follow her on Twitter@TaraWonders.