A Gross And Awesome Trip

(a guest post from Zach)

Last week, we went to Ostional to see Olive Ridley sea turtles.  It took an hour and fifteen minutes to get there.  We played until we got there. We went on a bus.

The first turtle we saw was dead.  Then we saw five alive turtles.

Three were digging the nest with their back two legs.  One was laying eggs.  They were white and a little smaller than a tennis ball.  Stuff that looked like blood came out after the eggs.  It was gross.  One turtle was covering the eggs with sand and making the sand look smooth.  That turtle was kicking the sand behind and it got sand on me and my friend Jamison.  After it went back to the ocean. Then it swam in to the ocean.

We got to hold the eggs from a turtle that was so old that the eggs would not have lived.  They kind of felt like plastic.

It was so dark that night because it was a new moon.  That’s when the turtles come out to lay their eggs.  That meant it was too dark to see much unless you had a little red flashlight.  But we could see tons of stars and a satellite.

When we got back to the bus it had a flat tire.  So we had a party.  A little one.  They gave us food and drinks.

I loved the trip. It was awesome.


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  • Wendy

    Wow! You’re so lucky to have seen the turtles laying their eggs. That’s so cool! It reminds me of the story you and Ezra wrote last year about the leatherback turtles. I never really knew very much about turtles. So, I’m learning a lot from what you’ve written about leatherback and olive ridley turtles. Thanks for writing about such interesting creatures!

  • Janis

    A party for a flat tire?? Sounds like you are "rolling with it" Zach, and having some wonderful experiences!