A Mythology Unit For Elementary Students

I have very little discipline.

Which is why I have to work out with a trainer.  And not the kind of trainer whom you meet at the gym.  I had to pay my trainer to ring the doorbell at 7:30 am and throw a heavy ball at me.

My lack of discipline is why Jeff and I fast for the kids on Thursdays – or more precisely, why we have it on our calendar, the one that beeps at us.  If not, I could go weeks without praying for Nafisa, Zach, and Ezra.

It’s why I invited other kids to join us on Mondays to study mythology.  I love unit studies, but unlike simple skills curricula, they take some effort to pull off.  If you haven’t planned well, you’ll get to the end of the semester and you won’t have done much.  And by “if” I mean “what happened last year.”

In moments of inspiration, I build in some accountability.  A frenzy of accountability, really.

But then I panic.  “Every Monday?!  What was I thinking?!  I don’t want to prepare something EVERY Monday?”

Which is when I spend thirty hours in the course of a week developing nearly all of the curriculum for the unit.  That way I don’t have to diligently work on it a little bit each week.

If you have an hour (or you don’t have an hour, but you are trying to avoid doing the dishes, or working out, or talking to anyone in your family), you might enjoy the 3000-word curriculum unit on mythology (not including the many attachments) that I wrote this week and posted under the Curriculum tab above.

You see, ultimately, writing this blog is a form of accountability.  I need to have something to write, so I need to do something to write about.  Thanks for reading, friends.

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  • Hilarious. Love you! Thanks for making me chuckle this morning 🙂