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Karen’s Story: Coming to Know God, Part 4 [Video]

When there’s a fire, you break glass. You get in and ring that alarm. When you’re desperate for something spiritually, you likewise break glass. You get into the Word, you seek truth. And the Great Physician shows up. … [Read more...]

Jesus, Loaves, & Fishes: A Devotional for Young Mothers [Video]

Intermission. Peace. Solace....That’s what I found one day when consumed in kinder-care of my two little ones, several decades ago now, as a young mother. … [Read more...]

Jesus, Loaves, & Fishes: A Devotional for Young Mothers [Audio]

We are excited to have you join us for “I Believe: Expressions of Faith,” a podcast series designed for all who are interested in learning more about life, faith, truth, purpose! Karen, your … [Read more...]

Is Satan Real? [Video]

Screwtape Letters--the CS Lewis masterpiece about the twisted techniques of demons-- just premiered locally, and the showing was terrific. I was reminded all over again how brilliant an … [Read more...]

Is Satan Real? [Audio]

In a relatively recent poll, about 40% of self-professed Christians indicated a belief that Satan is not real, “not a living being but is a symbol of evil.” An additional two out of ten (19%) … [Read more...]

How Can I Know Truth? If God Lives? [Video]

Are you wondering if you can know truth? If God and Jesus really live? If there’s purpose and meaning to life? Are you perhaps straddling the fence? Agnostic? Confused? At the end of yourself? … [Read more...]

How Can I Know Truth? If God Lives? [Audio]

Who knows but that the Lord is inviting you through this very short clip to "come and see"--to find Him and to find out for yourself that He lives. I hope you’ll join me for this video, and … [Read more...]

God Has the Bigger Picture [Video]

If you’re in despair, if your dreams appear dashed, if your faith is dissolving, if your hope is waning, or if you know someone to whom this applies, spiritual perspective may be a helpful antidote. … [Read more...]

God Has the Bigger Picture [Audio]

Does God really care? Is He there? … [Read more...]

Angels Around Us [Video]

Are you missing a parent or grandparent who has passed on beyond the veil of mortality to the spirit world? This truth about angels is compelling and joyous: Listen to this episode of I … [Read more...]