8 Points to Consider: The Authenticity of the Bible {Eyewitness Testimony} 6 of 9

Many scholars, skeptics, and Bible students alike may wonder about the authorship of the four Gospels: were they really written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John? How old are they really? How accurate are the versions we have today–after 2000 years?

D.M. Johnson and I are back discussing these very issues relating to the eyewitness testimony in the Gospels. They talk about the following points:

  • How ancient writers recorded biographies;

  • Why it’s important to be intellectually consistent;

  • Differences between the Gnostic and Canonical Gospels;

  • Why legendary development didn’t happen in the four Gospels;

  • Why the “telephone myth” of how we got the New Testament isn’t accurate;

  • Evidence that Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are the actual authors of their gospels.

Please join us for this sixth installment on the authenticity of the Bible! I’m confident you’ll learn something new and important about the four Gospels.

As always, I invite you to prayerfully read and study the Holy Bible: you can know for certain that it is God’s word to us today.

You will find the complete transcript at ibelievepodcast.com.

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