8 Points to Consider: The Authenticity of the Bible {Undesigned Coincidences} 8 of 9

“When someone places faith in the Bible, they place it in the direction of evidence, not against the evidence.”

D.M. Johnson and I are back in this second-to-last podcast on the authenticity of the Bible. Today, we discuss undesigned coincidences. Undesigned coincidences are events or things in the Bible that could be coincidental, but there are just so many that they add up to real, compelling evidence.

As D.M. explains, “It becomes a little bit ridiculous to insist that all of these things are just purely happening by luck or some kind of random circumstance.”

We’ve got plenty of examples of such undesigned coincidences, from both inside and outside the Bible, including:

  • Jesus healing the sick;

  • The apostles keeping silent after the events on the Mount of Transfiguration;

  • And Jesus feeding the 500.

Jesus heals a woman.

We invite you to join us on this podcast, and again, to read and study the Bible for yourself. It truly is God’s word.

You can find the complete transcript at ibelievepodcast.com.

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