Holistic is a popular fitness buzzword these days. It represents a positive trend that considers the health of the whole person, not just physical health. Since every part of the person influences all other aspects of health, this is a wise consideration. An important element, however, is often left out of the discussion of holistic health – energy. This is unfortunate since ultimately we are energetic beings; Asian systems of health and healing rely on that notion, and science has confirmed… Read more

  In the past few years, much has been made of the importance of nature for our mental and physical health. People who spend time in nature on a regular basis have lower stress levels, are generally more fit, and report lower levels of anxiety and depression. It’s so important that some are now calling nature “vitamin N.” If you view our lives energetically, as I do, this should be no surprise. We are part of the energetic systems of… Read more

  As a spiritual teacher, I talk about the brain in most of my lectures, and it is the central focus of my Brain Education program. For some people, this may seem odd since spirituality usually focuses on the unseen world, not on physical organs like the brain. Usually, the worlds of spirituality and science are kept separate – one relying strictly on logic and the other more on intuition – but I see them all as part of the… Read more

Spring is a wonderful time of year. It is a time when the whole earth is renewing herself. New leaves and blossoms appear on the branches of trees, birds and butterflies chase each other in the sky, and the crisp air of spring carries the hopeful hint of summer’s warmth. It’s also the traditional time of year for spring cleaning, a chance to brighten and freshen our living spaces so that we, too, can feel renewed and refreshed. This year… Read more

  Every human being is a creative genius. Most people may doubt that statement, but I truly believe it. I believe it because of one special attribute of the human being – the human brain. The human brain is a creation machine, constantly producing thoughts, ideas, perceptions, solutions, and beliefs. If you look around you, you will see the product of this amazing organ: roads, buildings, vehicles, clothing, paintings, sculptures, factories, schools . . . the list could go on… Read more

In spiritual circles these days, there is a lot of talk about abundance. Of course, there are a lot of ways the word abundance could be defined, but most often people are seeking financial abundance – a steady stream of income and enough in the bank to feel secure. Money offers us the freedom to do certain things we want to do in the world, and with it we are freed from some of the more mundane worries of day-to-day… Read more

  The search for happiness is one of the primary reasons people follow a spiritual path. And most people find, at least to some degree, what they are looking for – moments of transcendence from the burdens of life and a sense of meaning beyond the mundane. Many find it difficult, however, to sustain this joy throughout their daily lives, particularly when facing difficulties and challenges. Loneliness, in particular, is a negative, uncomfortable feeling that returns again and again for… Read more

Have you ever had a really good idea? Did you make that idea happen? Most people have had great ideas, but only a few people turn their inspirations into reality. Many people also have life dreams and goals that remain tucked away in the backs of their minds. There is so much that people say they want to be or do: “I want to travel more.” “I wish I could draw better.” “I really would make a good therapist.” But… Read more

Everyone wants to love and be loved. It’s a natural and normal impulse, and having loving people around us is necessary for our happiness. Researchers have even found that positive relationships are needed for health and longevity. Love is more than just a desire; it is a need. Yet, so many people struggle with relationships and many people these days find themselves isolated and alone. Much of our popular cultural focuses on people finding happiness through romantic relationships and creating… Read more

We all know that positive self-esteem is necessary for success in life. Without it, we lack the can-do spirit needed to achieve our goals, and we crumble when faced with the difficulties of life. On the other hand, some people are beginning to question our focus on self-esteem, claiming that it encourages narcissism and feeds an exaggerated sense of entitlement in individuals.   The Golden Rule So, from a spiritual perspective, what should we do? What can the Tao teach… Read more

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