“If All Had Been Righteous, And You Were The Only Sinner, Jesus Would Have Done Exactly The Same Thing”

I went to confession last week. It was wonderful. Go to confession!

One thing that the priest told me was, well, the headline of this post: “Christ went to the Cross for you, personally. What this means is, that if all men had been righteous, and you were the only sinner, Jesus would have done exactly the same thing.”

It hit me like a freight train.

Now, of course, this is something as a Christian I “know” (insofar as we can ever comprehend the mystery of the Cross–we can’t), but I’d never heard it phrased that way, and hearing it phrased that way produced a really powerful impression upon me. So I hope it will for you, too.


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  • Moleebo

    This week I started the Ignatian Prayer Adventure you linked to in an earlier blog post. During the day 1 prayer and meditation on Isiah 43:1-7 this very point was put front and center for me.

    The whole purpose of all the history that passed in the old testament and the Gospels was so that Jesus Christ could be put to death and then resurrected so that I (lil ole me) could have a way to be in an eternal relationship with the one who created me. He really would have done it all just for me. WOW!!

    • Amen. It’s something we can’t remind ourselves of enough, this incomprehensible mystery of grace.