The Movie of Paul’s Life

So here’s a thing we should do. Or not, because it might turn out horrible. But, basically, the idea is to have a movie (or, rather, a movie series) that teaches the faith to kids through Paul’s life. Series of flashbacks.

Here’s the idea: we start with Saul on the Road to Damascus. Through flashbacks we understand he persecuted the Christian Church.

Then Paul goes up to Jerusalem and meets with the Apostles. He’s completely discombobulated. He understands that Christ is Lord, but doesn’t understand. He asks the Apostles to tell him about Jesus. Flashbacks to the most important Gospel passages. Then Paul goes into the desert to pray. Starts praying and meditating on the Scriptures. Through flashbacks, Paul understands (and we understand) how key elements in the Old Testament point to Jesus (Genesis creation sequence goes here…). Paul the Pharisee is rereading and understanding for the first time the Scriptures.

Then Paul goes on his missionary journeys. Action! Drama! Also, teaching and controversy. Through Paul’s preaching the key doctrines of Christianity are expounded. Maybe we get flash-forward sequences to episodes from the lives of the saints exemplifying those doctrines.

We end with Paul’s martyrdom. After the sword falls, the camera rises up over Imperial Rome. The city evolves–think of the changing skyline from Gangs of New York–grows into Christian Rome. We end with a shot of Saint Peter’s Basilica.

Now, of course, depending on how it’s executed, it could be a disaster. But, anyway, stray thought I share with y’all.


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  • Sounds brilliant to me. If done well, it would be a huge seller at the box office.

  • Let me introduce you to St. Luke Productions:

    They had a great script for this back in the late 1980s that they were producing as a one man play. Leonardo DeFlipis is a fellow Knight of Columbus- after hearing about his thespian talent for years, I had the great honor of playing the humble role of Warden as he took his degrees.