Reflections On The Ascension


I love the Easter liturgical season. For the obvious reasons.But I also love the white robes, signifying celebration. We have 40 days of rejoicing as well as the 40 days of preparation of Lent. And also the readings. John, linked with Acts. It's not just chronological--the stuff in Acts happened right after the Resurrection--it is ontological. The Resurrection is and leads to the life of the Church. The Church happened, quite literally, because of the Resurrection. No Resurrection, no … [Read more...]

A Coda On “Morality As Worship”


A sequel to this.Think of St Maximilian Kolbe. In Auschwitz, he offered to take the place of a man who had been marked to death.Now, there are many ways he could have excused himself from making this decision. Even ways you can criticize his decision. Reasonable ones.After all, he was pastoring to people in the camp. Didn't his people need him? Wasn't there many more people who he could have helped if he'd tried to survive just a bit longer? And what about this man? Wasn't he going … [Read more...]

The Liturgy As The Union Of The Three Transcendentals

As y'all know, I care a lot about the liturgy and why we should care about the liturgy and how we should go about it and how we should think about it.An obvious first way to think about it is through the lens of yesterday's post, Morality as Worship. Is "behaving right" is itself a form of worship and the reason why we should do it is that we are called to worship--that our very nature is to worship God--then it clicks into place: obviously the liturgy is the "source and summit of the … [Read more...]

Morality As Worship


  Why should Christians act morally?Because if they do they will go to Heaven and if they don't they will go to Hell? Surely that can't be the answer. For as the New Atheists rightly point out, a morality based on self-interest is no morality at all.It seems to me that the Biblical answer is that God demands worship and that acting morally is a form of worship.As Joseph Ratzinger points out in The Spirit of the Liturgy, in the Book of Exodus the stated reason why the Israelites dema … [Read more...]

The Movie of Paul’s Life


So here's a thing we should do. Or not, because it might turn out horrible. But, basically, the idea is to have a movie (or, rather, a movie series) that teaches the faith to kids through Paul's life. Series of flashbacks.Here's the idea: we start with Saul on the Road to Damascus. Through flashbacks we understand he persecuted the Christian Church.Then Paul goes up to Jerusalem and meets with the Apostles. He's completely discombobulated. He understands that Christ is Lord, but doesn't … [Read more...]