Your ideal world

You have what it takes to achieve whatever you want to achieve. Choose the objects of your efforts wisely, because whatever you’re truly committed to doing, you’ll do. Go beyond just a vague idea of what you desire. Examine your desires in detail.

What, specifically, does your ideal world look like? What are its colors and sounds? What would you do upon waking up each morning? What would you do after that? Who are the people and what are the events that would fill your ideal day? What kind of challenges would you seek out?

Your highest desires are yours because you are the person most suited to accomplish them. The “what” of your life is vitally important. What will you do with the opportunities open to you? In what way will you use the tools you’ve worked a lifetime to develop? Think about it. Write it down. Be clear and be specific. Give some quality attention to the direction in which you’re headed.

Is that self indulgent? No. It’s a matter of being responsible for your own contribution to the world. Being the best you can be is not self indulgent. The more you take care of your self, of your own needs and desires,  the more you have to contribute to the whole of life. And the more you have to  contribute, the more you become. It is an upward spiral that benefits everyone.

It does not benefit anyone for you to be anything less than you’re capable of being. When you resign yourself to accept defeat, to live life less than fully, it is more than just a personal defeat. It is an insult to life itself, an affront to the majestic creation of which you’re a vital part. It is not just your choice, it is not just your right, it is your obligation to live with joy and fulfillment. Those who take that obligation seriously serve to advance not only themselves, but their entire world as well.

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