Do you realize how much power you have? Do you understand that you are a full-time, high-powered, creative, resourceful goal fulfillment machine? It’s true. Other people may try to put you down. Those who know you may criticize you endlessly, laugh at you, and act with extreme disrespect. But none of that matters. Because no matter what, you are who you are. You are the magnificent, unique, person you are, with all kinds of great gifts to contribute to life and all sorts of great ways to experience joy and true fulfillment.

Don’t let anybody tell you what you can or cannot do. Don’t let anyone intimidate you or raise doubts in your mind. Just get yourself more determined and find a way to live the absolute best life you can imagine for yourself.

What is it that you think you cannot do? Whatever it is, you’re absolutely right. And what is it that you think you can do? Whatever it is, you’re absolutely right. Are you willing to change your thinking? Then you can most certainly change your life. Are you willing to become more determined than you’ve ever been? Then you can make absolutely anything happen.

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