Expect great things

If you expect your troubles to continue, they probably will. However, when you expect that something good will eventually come from every situation, that is precisely what will happen.

When you develop an attitude of “everything happens for a reason” then you can realistically expect good things to come even from difficult and painful circumstances. Those positive expectations have great power because they affect your thinking and your perceptions. When you expect the best, you’ll very likely get it.

Your mind is a powerful goal-seeking device. When you point it in the right direction, with positive expectations, it will do whatever is necessary to get you where you want to go. The more consistently you keep your mind on your positive expectations, the faster they will become a reality.

When you’re just coming off a stinging defeat, it will indeed take some effort to muster your own positive expectations. Look back on your life, though, and you’ll see that you’ve successfully bounced back before. Know with confidence that you can do it again. Though this recent defeat is fresh and still very painful, it too can be overcome. You will get past it and move forward to bigger and better things. Eventually, there will even be some good that comes from it.

Expect the best from yourself. Talk to yourself in positive terms. Don’t say “I’ll try.” Say “I will.” Words like “try” and “if” presuppose a negative outcome. In other words, you have to accept the possibility of failure in order for these terms to make sense. That may not sound like such a big deal, and it isn’t when you only do it once or twice. The thing is, you are constantly talking to yourself. Your thought patterns reinforce your expectations, over and over again, all day long, day after day after day. Use that to your advantage. Your expectations determine your attitude, and your attitude determines your actions. Your actions, in turn, determine your results. Fill your mind with positive expectations and bounce back quickly from each disappointment.

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