In motion

Five ways to keep yourself in motion:

(1) Constantly remind yourself of why you’re doing it. There is a purpose behind what you are working toward. Visualize the fulfillment of that purpose in rich detail. Plus, imagine how the fulfillment will feel. Imagine it so intensely that you feel it in advance. Then imagine how it will be when you don’t have to use your imagination to feel it, when you can feel it in the reality of your experience. Everything you want to accomplish is rooted in a desire to feel a certain way. Use that desire to pull you forward.

(2) Have a good, detailed plan. When you know exactly what to do next, you’re much more likely to do it. Plus, you’ll eliminate the wasted time of figuring out what’s next. You’ll make yourself a lot less prone to distractions. When someone asks, for example, if you’re going to be busy for the next 30 minutes you’ll be able to confidently and truthfully answer yes.

(3) Make the immediate goals small and achievable, yet challenging and substantial. When the goals are approachable, you’ll approach them and work on them and achieve them. Break down the overall goal into a series of smaller goals, things you can easily get your mind and your efforts around. By very definition, a succession of small goals will enable you to establish momentum and to keep that momentum going.

(4) Celebrate the victories. Cheer yourself on as you make progress. That will encourage you to make more progress. Reward yourself for important milestones. Make it fun to make progress, make it fun to keep going, and you will.

(5) Get yourself used to the constant motion to the point where you truly enjoy it and look forward to more of it. In fact, get yourself hooked on it. Think of some unique and meaningful pleasures you can add to your efforts that will anchor you in a positive way to those efforts. If it’s appropriate for your situation, play your favorite music or release a pleasant aromatherapy scent during those times that you’re putting forth effective effort. Give yourself a strong and visceral desire to keep coming back to that effort again and again.

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