The richness of this day

As you live the great experience of today, have fun. Laugh. Smile. Whatever you’re doing, enjoy it. Life is difficult, but it is not a chore. Make it an adventure. Make it fun. There is joy to be found everywhere you look. Work can be just as fun as play. And it doesn’t really matter what you do. Attitude is the key. Decide to enjoy yourself, and you will. Don’t let others dictate to you what is fun and what is dreary. Find enjoyment where you are.

Imagine for a moment how much more effective you could be, in whatever you choose to do, if you truly enjoyed it. Pleasure exists for a reason — to draw you toward things. Find joy in the activities that bring success, and you’ll be continually drawn toward a life of accomplishment. Don’t wait for success to bring pleasure to your life — let the pleasure bring success. Have fun working hard, and watch all the good things happen.

Everything you’ve ever experienced has served to prepare you for this day. The joys, the pleasures, the pains, the disappointments, the hopes, the fears, the failures and triumphs you’ve known combine together in this moment in the person you are.

You have the amazing ability to take the best of what you’ve been, to see the best of what you can be, and to make this day the best you’ve ever experienced. Right now you stand on the threshold of a time that is the fulfillment of everything you’ve thought and experienced up to this moment. Right now you have the very real option of turning the disappointments of the past into triumphs.

Today you can point your life in any direction, regardless of where you’ve come from. The possibilities of this day are not limited by the disappointments of the past. You have brought yourself to this point, and you can bring yourself to any other point you choose.

This is truly your day to live, to work, to love, to laugh, and to make things happen. Though it will have its ups and downs, this day can be a great and wonderful experience, like no other that has ever come before. You can do things today that will add value to your life and to the lives of those around you for years to come. Just imagine the incredible positive power of using this day to move your world positively forward. Imagine it, expect it, and make it happen as you live the richness of this day.

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