Trying too hard

Don’t ruin the quality of your effort by trying too hard. When you act out of desperation, your actions lose much of their effectiveness. When fear of a particular failure is constantly at the front of your awareness, you give energy and vision to that concept of failure, thus helping to bring it about.

Instead of acting out of desperation, act out of love. Give the dream of positive achievement such prominence in your awareness that it crowds out the fear. Focus on that dream, envision that dream, and construct a real, working pathway in your mind that will take you to the reality of that dream from where you are now.

Instead of thinking in terms of what you need, keep your thoughts focused on what you intend to bring about. Need makes you a victim. Intention puts you in control. “I will increase my income by 20 percent” is far more positive and powerful and in control than “I need more money to pay the bills.” Can you feel the enormous difference in those two statements?

Let go of the need to need, let go of the futility of merely trying, and ride forward on a wave of positive purpose. There is nothing to be desperate about because everything already is as it is right now, and you have the opportunity to make the best of it. With sincere gratitude for that opportunity, and a positive intention to move forward, go ahead and act with love and calm determination.

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