Always free

At some level, you are always free. The worries, frustrations, and anxieties all arise from matters that are superficial. Go deeper than that. Go deeper, to a level where nothing can intrude on your experience of all-encompassing peace. In that peace is power. It is not the kind of power that depends on certain circumstances being aligned in a certain way. It is a power that is always there, a strength to which you can always return by simply letting go of the need for it and letting it be.

When the noise and confusion of your thoughts begin to weigh heavily on your spirit, return to your place of true peace and freedom. One by one, as each thought arises, let it come and then let it go. Feel that tiny space of freedom in between the thoughts, and let it grow because it feels so real. Feel the growing sense of peaceful stillness as your awareness is cleared of all the thoughts that have kept you so confined. Renew and refresh your connection to purpose, and experience the reality of your authentic passion.

Your thoughts are powerful, and yet there is an even more powerful, peaceful ground from which they arise. Feel the peace, feel the freedom, and feel the purpose that lives at the heart of your existence. Let the power of that beautiful purpose flow into your every thought and action.

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