Expanding your possibilities

Think of the best day you’ve ever experienced. Then imagine it ten times better. Can you do that? When you do, it will give you merely a glimpse at the extent of joy and fulfillment that is possible in your life. The fact is, there is no limit on the good and valuable, joyful and enriching experiences in life. Any limitation you perceive is just that — your perception.

What if you were to expand your concept of what’s possible, even just a little bit? What if you were to expand your possibilities just enough so that they overwhelm your problems and challenges? You can. All it takes is the willingness to accept life’s overwhelming abundance. It’s not difficult to do. It’s just different. It will take you out of the comfortable cocoon that you’ve fashioned for yourself out of all the excuses and rationalizations. Yes, that cocoon is familiar and it feels secure, but you can’t stay in it forever. And it’s not really all that secure.

The only real security is to be free of the need for security. By continuing to keep yourself open to the expanding possibilities, you make your way forward.

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