Intimidated no more

Are you avoiding some particular challenging task because the thought of it intimidates you? That’s just the problem. The thought of it is what’s intimidating you. It’s not the challenge itself that’s the problem. It’s your perception of that challenge.

So how do you change that perception? The best way is by jumping into the challenge. The moment you start to actually take action, a good portion of the intimidation disappears. Of course it’s difficult and complicated and uncomfortable. Yet once you get started you begin to realize that you can do it. And you’ll wonder why you spent so much time and effort and anguish avoiding it.

Is there a challenge in your life that you’ve been avoiding? If you were to tackle that challenge, what would your first step be? You don’t have to tackle it all at once. All you have to do is get started. Take that first step, start whittling away at the challenge, and you’ll see it’s not so bad as you thought.

With newfound confidence, keep going. Then, instead of being constantly intimidated by the challenge you’ll soon be enjoying the rewards of successfully getting through it.

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