No matter what

No matter where you are at this moment in time, no matter what may be happening in your life or in the world around you, you have the very real ability to move positively forward from whatever the situation may be. Whomever or whatever may be to blame for your current set of circumstances, you are responsible for making the best of what you have and where you are. You are responsible because you are the person who is most “able” to fashion an appropriate “response” in a positive and productive manner.

Life is overwhelmingly good, and the troubles you experience help you to truly appreciate that potential goodness. By their very definition, problems are temporary interruptions in the otherwise positive experience of being alive. With each problem you overcome, you develop a stronger and more profound appreciation for the great possibilities that life offers. You grow stronger and more able to bring the best of those possibilities to life.

Many times the problems can challenge you to grow beyond anything you could have previously expected. Those challenges can often motivate you far more effectively than anything you could otherwise experience. In times of great trouble and turmoil, you become more determined and more resolved to climb above that turmoil. And having done so, you reach a place that is higher and more magnificent than you ever could have imagined before.

Such is the progression of life, and though it can indeed be filled with difficulty, it can always continue to grow more beautiful and meaningful.

And it is yours, right here, right now, ready to be lived more fully than you have ever lived before. Every moment adds more possibilities for richness and fulfillment.

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