Stop trying and start allowing

Think for a moment about what is involved in trying to get something done. Trying is filled with anxiety. When you are trying, you’re working against what is, in order to create what you want to be.

Allowing is totally different. Allowing has no anxiety, because you are not fighting against anything. You are instead letting go and letting something be. Out of all the possibilities in the universe at any particular moment, you are choosing to allow a certain set of those possibilities. That transforms it into a more calm, peaceful, and relaxed undertaking. Yes, it does involve effort, and yet the effort is amazingly “effortless”.

There is effort and then there is effort. If the effort is a fighting, resistance kind of effort, it can be extremely unpleasant and virtually unsustainable. But when the effort is natural and “meant to be” then it is a breeze. It flows easily and naturally. You don’t dread it, you don’t fight against it, you don’t attempt to avoid it, you just do it.

Whatever it is that is to be done, can be done much more effectively by allowing than by merely trying.

Allow the words to come. Allow the movements to come. Allow the knowledge to come. Allow the resources to be made available to you. Allow the inspiration to come. Allow the relationship to flourish. Allow the fulfillment to come. Allow the learning to take place. Allow the understanding to grow. Allow the friendship to take hold. Allow the muscles to strengthen. Allow the fat to melt away. Allow good health to fill your body. Allow positive productive thoughts to fill your mind. Allow great ideas to come and to be nourished. Allow love to blossom. Allow creativity to grow. Allow the marketplace to find out about your product.

Allow it and it will come though your presence, your thoughts and your efforts.

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