Enjoy moving forward

Whatever you enjoy, you improve. So keep yourself feeling great. Enjoy where you are, and suddenly where you are has more value. Enjoy the moment you’re living, and suddenly the moment offers new and positive possibilities. Enjoy what you’re doing. By so doing, you transform your effort into a pathway to success and achievement.

Sure, you can always find a reason to be miserable. But being miserable will accomplish nothing. Being joyful, on the other hand, will put you in a positive, productive, effective frame of mind. You’ll be well positioned to accomplish and succeed. Whatever this day may hold, whatever any situation may present, find something to truly enjoy about it. Find something to enjoy, and you will have found your own best path forward.

Rejoice in the fact that you’re moving steadily ahead. Enjoy the satisfaction of truly making a difference, of taking one step after another, and of moving closer each day toward the ultimate goal. It can seem overwhelming at times when you have so much to get done. Yet feeling overwhelmed will not get anything accomplished. Any time you start to feel overwhelmed, simply replace it in your mind with a feeling of being overjoyed—overjoyed at the opportunity to make a difference. Your time is precious—too precious to spend worrying that you might have wasted it. What’s happened has happened. You are where you are. Delight in that fact and make the very best of each moment. Think about this—every reason for discouragement is in the past. So let that discouragement fade gently away as you feel great, and as you find joy in moving steadily and positively forward.

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