Good things

Good things happen every day, and they never make news because they are so universally common. Every day, people all over the world earn an honest living and feed their families. Every day, teachers teach and students learn valuable skills that can last a lifetime. Every day, people are cured of serious illnesses. Every day, people travel safely and comfortably across the ocean to other continents where they meet other people and experience different cultures. Every day artists and writers and musicians create new and valuable works. Every day new homes are built and immense amounts of food are harvested.

But you rarely hear about those things, and the many, many other good and positive things that occur each and every moment of every day. Most of those things have become so commonplace that they are largely taken for granted.

For every problem in life, there are a hundred blessings. For every violent, destructive person, there are many, many more peaceful, productive people.

If you choose to focus only on the negative aspects of life, you will miss out on the overwhelming majority of what life has to offer. If you allow yourself to become paralyzed by fear or by despair, you’re allowing yourself to be shut down by just a small fraction of what life is truly all about.

Right now you have an incredible opportunity which has never before existed and which will never come again. You have the opportunity to be the special, unique person you are right now. You have the opportunity to put to good use everything you’ve ever learned, every skill you’ve ever developed, every experience through which you’ve ever lived. Just imagine the powerful, magnificent possibilities. Just think of how much value there is in a lifetime of experience, of learning, of dealing with challenges, of living. And it is all yours, yours to use in following your highest and best vision for what life can be.

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