Success skills

You have survived every challenge you’ve ever been faced with—otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Sure, you’ve made some mistakes. And yet, you’ve done a lot of things right. You’ve made a lot of good, positive decisions and carried them out effectively. From every single experience, you’ve learned. Even from the disappointments, even from the setbacks, you’ve learned. As a result, you’re constantly improving, getting better and better every day, figuring out what works and what doesn’t work, learning how to adjust and adapt and recover, and figuring out how to quickly get back up and get moving again.

There’s no question that you’ve already been successful at many things. And you have the ability to translate success in one area into success in another area. There are specific principles of success that apply very narrowly to certain specific endeavors. In addition, there are general, universal principles of success that apply to anything you do. The specific success techniques can be learned as needed. The universal success concepts are built over time, and once you have them, you have them. That’s why, for example, officers who retire from the military so often become successful business executives, though they have no specific experience in industry. The discipline and focus and other success skills developed during their military careers, those things translate very effectively into the business setting.

So look at all the successes you’ve had, the things you’ve accomplished as a child, success in school, in athletics, in your hobbies and recreational activities, in your travels, in volunteer organizations you’ve belonged to, in your relationships, in ever area of your life. You’ve done a lot of good and valuable things, and many of the skills you’ve utilized can be translated into success in completely different areas. Think of where you want to go now, and how you can apply the success skills you already have to getting there.

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