Getting past limitations

Getting past limitations November 6, 2014

Are your limitations really hard and fast limitations, or do they hold you back because of the way you perceive them and respond to them?

Every person on this planet is constantly under the influence of a powerful limiting force called gravity. Gravity makes difficult the lifting and movement of massive objects. It makes our feet tired and actually causes us to become shorter as we age.

Although gravity is a powerful limitation, we would not want to be without it. As fun as it might appear to fly in space and frolic free of gravity, the absence of gravitational force yields its own set of very difficult problems. With no gravity, you’d have to tie down all of your furniture, food crumbs would migrate to every corner of your house, your computer’s mouse would wander off, and you’d never be able to fill your bathtub for a warm, relaxing soak. Gravity, as limiting as it is, also makes many things possible, including the very existence and stability of the planet.

So it is with every limitation we face. We can never hope to be free of limitations, nor would we want to be. Many of the things that appear to limit us in some ways, actually support us in other ways.

Keep this in mind: every great thing that has ever been accomplished has been done by people with limitations. Rather than wishing for a life free of limitations, let your limitations give you strength. Rather than using them as excuses, let your limitations contribute to your achievement.

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