The moment you begin

A meaningful goal that has not yet been reached can actually be more valuable than a goal that has already been reached. Do you ever work crossword puzzles? If so, would you buy a book of crossword puzzles if all the puzzles in the book had already been filled in? Of course not. The whole [Read More...]

Doing what is right

We don’t often think of integrity as a strategic element of life. Integrity implies selflessness and a certain degree of sacrifice, you assume, so how could it possibly be viewed as a strategic tool? Yet the quality of your life is ultimately determined by the integrity of your actions. It is always in your best [Read More...]

This place of wonder

Can you feel the miracle that is your life? The cold wind blows. Waves crash endlessly upon the rocky shore. And all of it is real. All of it is here. All of it is the existence in which you are enveloped. If you spend even one small moment in anything other than utter amazement, [Read More...]

Expanding your comfort zone

To get into the zone of maximum effectiveness, you must move outward from another zone — your comfort zone. It can be uncomfortable to be highly effective on a consistent basis. It can be much more comfortable to just sit around like normal, not accomplishing anything. We tend to fear and avoid the unknown, even [Read More...]

Inner goal

On very common problem when seeking success is struggling to create some specific outer achievement in order to experience a certain inner achievement. The pitfalls of this are many. There are all sorts of obstacles and limitations that stand in your way when you seek only the outer achievement without regard to what it’s connected [Read More...]

Getting beyond the need to blame

Do you want to transform a problem into an opportunity? One crucial part of that is getting beyond the need to focus on who is to blame. Sure, you need to know what caused the problem and, yes, there are certainly people who are responsible. It is important to understand what led to the situation [Read More...]

Live in joy

No matter how much joy you’ve known, there is always more joy to be experienced. Each moment brings new possibilities for adding richness to life. The best days of your life are never behind you, unless you choose to see them as such. For no matter how life has been, there will always be opportunities [Read More...]

Allow prosperity

What is it that determines the amount and nature of prosperity in your life? It may seem obvious to attribute your level of prosperity to factors such as your job, your financial investments, the condition of the overall economy, or even to influences such as your lifestyle and the people you know. These factors and [Read More...]

Allowing life’s goodness

Life’s goodness does not always come to you in the way you expect. In order for goodness to flow through your life, be willing to fully accept each moment as it comes. Instead of putting your energy into judging whether the moment is good or bad, frustrating or exciting, worthwhile or a waste of time, [Read More...]

Achieve without limit

Your limiting beliefs are holding you back. Their power comes largely from their stealth. They hide in your subconscious, reminding you again and again that you cannot do this or that, when in truth you really can. Though you may not even consciously think about those limiting beliefs, they greatly affect your thoughts and actions [Read More...]