Life is not fair

Life is not fair. It never has been, and it never will be. Some people are born with powerful advantages. Others are born with crippling disadvantages. For everyone, in different ways and at different times for each person, life is challenging. And although life is not fair, it is dynamic and responsive. Though life is [Read More…]

Put truth to work

The truth will persevere. It may take a while, but anything that is not true will ultimately be consumed by its own contradictions. Over the long run, it always pays to be on the side of truth. It can be tempting to ignore the truth or to hide from it for the sake of convenience [Read More…]

Choose responsibility

Responsibility begins on a personal level and grows outward. The basis for all your responsibility is an abiding sense of responsibility for yourself. This includes responsibility for your thoughts, your goals, your actions and the results they bring. As your responsibility expands beyond yourself, so does your influence. When you make the community your responsibility, [Read More…]

Invest in action

You determine your actions, and your actions determine you. No matter where you are or what activity you’re involved in, no matter how limited or restricted your situation may be, you can fully determine how you will act within that situation. The actions you take determine the quality of your life. Certainly, many outside factors [Read More…]

A bigger challenge

If you’re working to get past a problem that you’ve had, a great way to do that is to create a bigger problem. Now, that may sound a little bit strange at first. After all, why would you want to replace one difficulty with another one? The reason is control. The challenges you create for [Read More…]

Looking at limitations

It’s easy to tell yourself that the things holding you back are all outside of you, and that you can do nothing about them. It is true that there are many factors over which you have little or no control. Yet those things are not your true limitations. Your limitations arise from the way you [Read More…]

Turn regrets into affirmations

Regrets are useful in that they can help you to realize, in a personally meaningful way, the mistakes you’ve made in the past. Once a regret has served that purpose, however, it’s best to get rid of it and replace it with something more positive. For if you continue to dwell on your regrets, that [Read More…]

Connect with your purpose

When was the last time you stopped to consider the purpose of your life? It’s not something most people spend a lot of time and effort to understand. And yet it can be a powerful and lasting experience. A clearly understood sense of purpose will keep you going when all else fails. Knowing your purpose [Read More…]

Always another way

Perhaps you’ve now been beaten down so often by the challenges that you see no way around them. But the past does not equal the future. Just because you’ve never before been able to get over the mountain does not prevent you from finding a new and successful approach that will get you over that [Read More…]

From weakness to strength

Just as it is good to know your assets and your strengths, it’s equally useful to know your weaknesses and vulnerable spots. When you’re aware of your weaknesses, when you’re willing to admit them and face them, you’ve identified a powerful path for personal growth. Take a look at yourself. What is holding you back? [Read More…]