A dream that’s worthy of your persistence

Every success story is a story of persistence. Certainly many other qualities are often associated with success, things such as talent, innovation, faith, and discipline. Yet without the persistence to see it through to the end, those other things are irrelevant. Persistence is a simple concept. Just keep going no matter what. But there’s a [Read More...]

Now is when

Now is when possibilities are fulfilled. Now is when momentum is created. Now is when thoughts and efforts can make a difference. The past is a memory, so regrets have no meaning. The future is not here, so worries have no purpose. All that truly is, is now. Experience is now. Feeling is now. Love [Read More...]

Moderation and patience

It makes sense that gratitude gets us in tune with life’s abundance. After all, the more thankful we are for the good things we already have, the more good things we’ll find coming our way. Just as important as gratitude are moderation and patience. Being thankful supports the abundance of the present from a past [Read More...]

Be amazed

Life is amazing. So as often as possible, be amazed. Even the smallest little grains of life are amazing. And if you look more closely, you’ll find much, much more to amaze you. Life is so consistently and overwhelmingly amazing that it’s easy to get used to that amazement. It’s a good problem to have, [Read More...]

Beyond limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs will stop you cold and hold you back. So how to get beyond them? Here are some proven techniques. Action Take action, any kind of action that will be effective and get something accomplished. Even if it’s only something small you accomplish, every time you create value, you remind yourself of your own [Read More...]

The power of imagination

Imagination, by its very nature, feeds on itself. One imaginative thought serves to pull another related thought out of you. Then the two combine to spur on yet another thought, and another, in an ever-increasing cascade flowing from… from where? Where does imagination come from? It comes from you. It comes from the essence of [Read More...]

Just right

Have you ever tried to make everything just right, and then something comes along and upsets it all, and yet in the end things work out just fine, in ways you never could have expected? We can sometimes get so attached to an idea of how things should be, that we’re at risk of completely [Read More...]

What’s important to you?

Want to get an objective look at your priorities? Take a look at your bank statement. If you’re like most people you have a finite and easily discernable amount of money to spend each month. So what do you spend it on? If you spend your money on one particular thing, it makes that amount [Read More...]

Claim your treasure

Times are tough, money is tight, unemployment is high and yet… Just in the state of Texas alone more than $2 billion of unclaimed cash and other property is waiting for its rightful owners to claim. All around the country, the figure is more than $32 billion worth of unclaimed property. Much of it is [Read More...]

Have some fun

Have fun. Laugh out loud. Figure out what you enjoy the most and do it. Figure out how to put more fun into every activity and do it. Do it often. Do it with great pleasure and no guilt or regrets or unrealistic expectations. Just have fun, as genuinely and as often as you can. [Read More...]