Staying on track

Persistence is not an all-or-nothing endeavor. Just because your persistence breaks down one day, or in one situation, does not mean that all is lost. You’re allowed to have bad days. Just make sure you get back on track as soon as possible. It is natural to become discouraged and to consider giving up. When [Read More…]

Highly effective

Think of a time in the past when you were highly effective. Think of a time when you were able to reach a maximum level of performance. Think of a time when the results you desired came to you naturally. How did the world look to you? What shapes and colors were around you? What [Read More…]

Positive control

Often, life is viewed in terms of needs rather than choices. Unfortunately, seeing something as a need takes the focus away from the power of choice. Seeing something as a need often leads to resentment and a feeling of being trapped, while seeing it as a choice leads to a sense of empowerment and control. [Read More…]

Valuable legacy

For most of human existence, people have struggled on a minute-by-minute basis for their very survival. After all, humans have been around for thousands of years and Walmart has been here only since 1962. The modern world you and I take for granted, with all its options and conveniences, has existed for only a tiny [Read More…]

You can do better

Whatever you’re doing, you can do better. Whether you’ve been a stunning success or an abject failure or both, you can do better. With what you know, with what you have, you can do better. And you know it. In your frustration with the way things are, you know you can do better. In times [Read More…]

The courage to feel

Have the courage to feel. Feeling connects you with who you are. Experience your own authentic feelings. There’s nothing to be gained by hiding from your feelings or borrowing the feelings of others. Your feelings will ask much of you. In return, they give you access to immense power that can be directed toward positive [Read More…]

Positive energy

Think of a time in the past when you had an angry outburst and remember how drained you felt afterward, how unable you were to get anything positive accomplished. Those brief moments of anger probably used up a whole day’s worth of your energy. Negativity consumes your precious time and energy, and it leaves you [Read More…]

The little things

Instead of being obsessed with getting what you don’t have, put your focus on truly and deeply enjoying and making use of all the good things you do have. Get in the habit of noticing and appreciating the little things in your life. In every direction you look, there is something for which to be [Read More…]

Effort and rest

Some people are unable to persist for very long precisely because they’re trying so hard to do it. Persistence is not about trying. Persistence is about continuing to be effective, and that comes from striking a healthy balance between effort and rest. Life is a cycle of effort and rest. The effectiveness of each depends [Read More…]

Are other people holding you back?

There are infinitely more good and positive things you can do with the assistance of others than by yourself alone. It’s great that there are other people in this world upon whom you can rely and depend. Unfortunately, not all the other people with whom you come in contact are going to be totally reliable [Read More…]