Vulnerabilities on display

Living authentically is ridiculously easy and terribly difficult. It is so very easy because when we’re truly living and acting from a place of authenticity, life flows naturally and feels effortless. Yet the prospect of authenticity can be frightening and difficult because we don’t have any pretenses to hide behind. All the flaws and vulnerabilities [Read More...]


Do you make judgments about the electricity coming into your house? After all, it can be pretty dangerous stuff. It could kill someone. It could start a fire. But it can also do a whole lot of very useful things, like cook your food, keep you cool on a hot afternoon, and light the darkest night. [Read More...]

A day filled with goodness

Somewhere in the world right now, the sun is shining brightly. Somewhere, a new love is beginning that will last a lifetime. Right now, all around the world, there are children laughing. In this very moment, millions of people are feeling true joy. Creativity is flowering, beauty is being enjoyed, difficult problems are being solved [Read More...]

One hundred percent

Today, you have 100% of your life left. – Tom Hopkins I love this quote because of the 100% part. That’s a good, reassuring number. We tend to measure life with time, but what is time really? It’s mainly something we use to distinguish between one event and another. We think of time as “running [Read More...]

The breakfast taco phenomenon

I discovered the breakfast taco phenomenon years ago, when driving one of our daughters to school. I would take her to school each morning, and on the way back home would pass a place offering drive-thru breakfast tacos. It was a temptation to which I yielded at least several times each week. Now a flour [Read More...]

Hidden treasures

Imagine a small island. Half of the island is covered with a forest, and the other half is covered with rich, fertile farmland. There are two families living on the island. One family owns the forest and the other family owns the farmland. The family that owns the farmland raises abundant crops of fruits and [Read More...]

Five ways to allow abundance in your life

1. Be continually and sincerely thankful. Think of the things that make you smile, and be thankful for them. Think of the things that bring joy to your life, and be thankful for them. Get in the habit of being thankful for the smallest little details of life. There are so many of those small [Read More...]

Difficult times

When jobs are hard to come by, those who do have a job are motivated to do a better job. Before long, that leads to more jobs. When money is tight, people focus on getting more value when spending their money. Almost immediately, that drives innovation. When there is no money to spend on empty [Read More...]

Inspire yourself into action

How do you inspire yourself to do what must be done? First, think of all the good things that will happen, and think of the specific ways in which your life will be better, when you achieve your goals and reach your dreams. Next, consider the bad things that will happen if you do nothing. [Read More...]

The power of letting go

A good portion of our backyard is a natural wooded area with native yaupon and juniper trees. One autumn day a few years ago I was delightfully surprised to discover a young oak tree, about five feet tall at the time, growing in some thick brush. Its red, orange and golden leaves gave it away. [Read More...]