Thought power

It has been estimated that we think approximately one thought per second. That comes out to approximately 60,000 thoughts during the waking hours of each day. Now, stop and think about how many positive, empowering thoughts you’ve had in the last day or two. Can you remember any at all? Is it a lot or [Read More...]

The opportunity of change

Opportunity does not exist without change. Though most people say they would welcome opportunity, far fewer people are open to real and substantive change. Yet to take advantage of opportunity you must be open to change. There is no other way. Real, meaningful opportunity is not a free ride. It is a challenge. A big [Read More...]

Yes you can

You may be tired. You may be discouraged. You may be uncomfortable. No matter what, your best option is to move positively forward. Hanging on to past disappointments will only hold you back. Taking comfort in being a victim gives you no real comfort at all. Staying safe by never venturing out, by never taking [Read More...]

Fear of rejection

Do you fear rejection? Are you afraid of someone saying no to you? Ask yourself, is that really so bad. There are very successful people in this world to get told no every day. They understand that there is no dishonor in being told that. In fact, most times in order to get one yes [Read More...]

Your obligation

It was highly improbable and in fact virtually impossible that you would ever exist, and yet, here you are. You cannot do more than merely scratch the surface in imagining how immensely fortunate you are to be experiencing this day. So, with all that good fortune going for you, what are you going to do? [Read More...]

Treasure the experience

Maybe it didn’t turn out the way you thought it would. But it did happen. And you did experience it. And in that experience is value. Maybe you didn’t get what you wanted. Perhaps you were disappointed, or even deceived or betrayed. Even so, you learned something valuable. And in some way, it adds to [Read More...]

Bigger problem

You’d never expect to solve a problem by making it even more of a problem, yet sometimes doing just that can be surprisingly effective. The very problem with many problems is that they are not big enough to provide much in the way of motivation. Most people would respond quickly and forcefully if they were [Read More...]

Positive focus

One thing that makes positive focus so powerful is that it keeps you from being pulled down by all the little things. The details of your life can work for you or they can work against you. The moments of your life are where you actually live, and as such those moments are of critical [Read More...]

Positive talk

The words you use have an enormous impact on yourself and those around you. Unfortunately, most people use very negative language both in their own internal thoughts and in the words they speak to others. A powerful technique for success, which you can use every day, is to consciously make your language more positive. Look [Read More...]

Controlling fear

Fear is always powerful, and often it can even be very helpful. Fear can give you much-needed extra energy in new and unfamiliar situations. It sharpens your senses. It helps you to focus. It helps you avoid legitimately dangerous situations. Yet fear can also be tragically limiting. To successfully manage your fears, you must learn [Read More...]