Feeling like it

How do you get yourself to feel like it when you don’t feel like it? How do you get yourself to do what you know you must do, but you know you don’t feel like doing? First, remind yourself that you can feel however you choose to feel. Your feelings are not imposed upon you [Read More...]

Enjoy the beauty

What is beauty? It’s something that is impossible to define, yet easy to recognize. Beauty expresses truth in a way that cannot be doubted or denied. Beauty speaks to the heart, to the soul, in a language all its own. Beauty is where you look for it, for the beauty you see on the outside [Read More...]

Allowing acceptance

Accept what is, and you have a place from which to start. Accept what is, and you are free from the need to fight against it. Accept what is, and you can begin to move forward. Accepting what is doesn’t mean it always must stay that way. It just means you’re acknowledging that the past [Read More...]

Eyes of creation

You are the eyes through which the universe sees itself. You are the mind with which all of creation seeks to comprehend and know itself. Your brief time on this tiny speck of dust may seem insignificant, yet in truth it is not insignificant at all. It is everything. You may feel great pain and [Read More...]


The majority of the people who have brought the world to the place it is today lived in situations that are far more hopeless than anything you will ever know. Do you feel there’s no hope? You’re wrong. There’s always hope. Hope doesn’t need a reason. Hope is its own reason. Hope brings its own [Read More...]

Life purpose

There is a purpose to your life. You take care of the daily details in order that you may better serve that purpose, but the details are not the purpose. If life seems too empty, it means you’re focused on things that do not resonate with your purpose. Life by its very definition is overflowing [Read More...]

The value of you

Listen to your critics and learn what you can from them. But don’t let them dissuade you from what you know is best. A bright and shining vision has value only when you have the courage to follow it. When you know that it is the thing to do, then step up and do it. [Read More...]


You wouldn’t slam down a whole bottle of wine in one gulp. A good wine can be immensely enjoyable, but only if you take the time to savor it. Take the time to savor your dream. Don’t expect it to be instantly fulfilled. Truly enjoy each step of the journey. Some of those steps will [Read More...]

Live creatively

Every situation is an opportunity to create something new and valuable. We tend to associate creativity with the fine arts, yet creativity is so much more than artistic creativity. There are ways to be positively and valuably creative in all areas of life. Anyone, anywhere can be creative. It’s just a matter of opening your [Read More...]

An imperfect world

Life is not perfect, and will never be. If you wait for things to be perfect before ever making the effort, you’ll never get anything done. If you refuse to move forward unless you can be guaranteed of a perfect result, you’ll always remain stuck where you are. Life is not perfect, yet it can [Read More...]