Empowered by the possibilities

Most of our limitations are limitations only because we’re aware of them. The impossible is routinely achieved by people who don’t know it’s impossible. Certainly there are many intractable realities in your life, things that influence you but over which you have no control. However, those things become limitations only when you choose to see [Read More...]

Allow it to flow

When the valve on a water faucet is closed, obviously there’s no water flowing out of that faucet. What’s also true is that there’s no fresh new water flowing into the faucet. There’s a little water in the faucet, behind the valve. And with the valve closed, with no water flowing out, it is physically [Read More...]


Are you enjoying yourself today? Enjoyment gives you an enormous competitive edge. If you truly love what you’re doing, and the person next to you absolutely hates what she is doing, who is going to do the best job? You are, of course. So what happens when you have to do something that you hate? [Read More...]

Paying the price

Paying the price is an essential part of reaping the reward. Anything you receive without investing something of yourself in, will simply not have much value to you. Have you ever been part of a sports team that won a game by forfeit, just because the other team didn’t show up? Remember how that felt? [Read More...]

Tiny threads

Could you lift a 100 pound weight with a single, tiny thread? Of course not. As soon as you started to lift, the thread would break. Yet if you get enough of those tiny threads and weave them together into a rope, that rope will easily hold 100 pounds or more. What is it about [Read More...]

Be Compassionate; Feel What You Feel Without Being Attached

By John J. Murphy Many times when we are feeling down or out, we respond with resistance or attack. These are not welcome feelings, so we try to beat them away. Deep down at a spiritual level, we don’t want to fight. We don’t want to feel ashamed, or fearful, or lustful or angry. We [Read More...]

All is well

Relaxation begins in the mind. You can be extremely active and still be relaxed. Plenty of people find relaxation in running, hiking, kayaking and other active pursuits. Certainly relaxation can involve relaxing your muscles and the rest of your body. Yet the key ingredient to relaxation is a sense of inner peace. That is possible [Read More...]

No worries

The way to be free of worry is not to fight the worry, but to replace it. Replace each negative worry with a positive affirmation. Worries are limiting thoughts that you think to yourself. You can easily and naturally replace each of those thoughts with empowering affirmations. Instead of “I’ll never be able to figure [Read More...]

Appreciate the effort

Is there some task that you resent having to do, or that you avoid doing even though you know it must eventually be done? Consider this. What if you couldn’t do it? What is some disability or other circumstance made it physically impossible for you to do that task? Would you look at it differently? [Read More...]

Intimidated no more

Are you avoiding some particular challenging task because the thought of it intimidates you? That’s just the problem. The thought of it is what’s intimidating you. It’s not the challenge itself that’s the problem. It’s your perception of that challenge. So how do you change that perception? The best way is by jumping into the [Read More...]