Follow your desires

Is it selfish to follow your desires? Absolutely not. What’s selfish is to expect those desires to be fulfilled for you without any effort on your part. What’s selfish is to expect everything you want to be handed to you. What’s selfish is to hide your true desires, to cover them up with mere tokens. [Read More…]

Picking favorites

Someone asked me the other night to name the favorite place I had ever been. I drew a complete blank. I’ve been a lot of great places, and enjoyed each of them in their own way. But I have never really thought to rank them. There are places I like and other places I don’t [Read More…]

Truly willing

You know that you want to live with positive purpose. You know that you want to achieve great things and find the fulfillment for which you long. And yet, when you wake up each morning, there are all sorts of mundane things already demanding your attention. Those things can quickly wear you down and break [Read More…]

One more step

If you were certain that you could reach your goal by taking just one more step, would you take it? Of course you would. If you knew that by making just one additional effort you would achieve what you’ve been working to achieve, would you make that effort? You’d be crazy not to. It would [Read More…]

Relentlessly remind yourself

What you wish to have is very desirable. What you must do to achieve it is not particularly pleasant or enjoyable. So how do you bridge the gap? How do you discipline yourself to take the actions you must take in order to get the results you seek to have? You remind yourself. You constantly [Read More…]

What then?

Do you need more money? Ok, assume that your bank account suddenly has more money than you could spend in a hundred lifetimes. Take some of that money and pay all your bills. Then go shopping, and buy everything you’ve ever wanted to buy. After that, pack your bags and get moving. See the world. [Read More…]

Excuse yourself

If there’s something you really don’t want to do, in just a couple of minutes you could come up with a half dozen perfectly valid excuses for not doing it. You’re highly skilled at rationalizing your way to just about any conclusion. So here’s an idea. Point that power in a positive, creative, productive direction. [Read More…]

Feeling like it

How do you get yourself to feel like it when you don’t feel like it? How do you get yourself to do what you know you must do, but you know you don’t feel like doing? First, remind yourself that you can feel however you choose to feel. Your feelings are not imposed upon you [Read More…]

Enjoy the beauty

What is beauty? It’s something that is impossible to define, yet easy to recognize. Beauty expresses truth in a way that cannot be doubted or denied. Beauty speaks to the heart, to the soul, in a language all its own. Beauty is where you look for it, for the beauty you see on the outside [Read More…]

Allowing acceptance

Accept what is, and you have a place from which to start. Accept what is, and you are free from the need to fight against it. Accept what is, and you can begin to move forward. Accepting what is doesn’t mean it always must stay that way. It just means you’re acknowledging that the past [Read More…]