Perspective of purpose

Stopping to put things in perspective can make a big difference. When you work at getting to the core of what your life is all about, you begin to understand that most of those external things you see as necessities are not really necessities at all. Each one of them is merely one way, one [Read More...]

Experience joy

Drink in and value the joyful times in your life. Live them fully. A moment of true, unencumbered joy is worth more than pure gold. You’ll think more clearly, be more motivated, feel better and be healthier, when you regularly lose yourself in joy. Relish the experience of being fully alive and letting yourself completely [Read More...]

Right or Happy?

I was touched yesterday when reading the daily affirmation from Dr. Wayne Dyer. OVERCOME EGO’S HOLD Let go of your ego’s need to be right. When you’re in the middle of an argument, ask yourself: Do I want to be right or be happy? When you choose the joyous, loving, spiritual mode, your connection to [Read More...]


A few weeks ago, when the ash cloud from the Iceland volcano shut down airspace throughout Europe, hotels around the world suddenly found themselves in a seller’s market. Thousands of travelers were stranded away from home and desperately needed a place to stay. Many hotel managers responded to their sudden and unexpectedly captive customers by [Read More...]

Beyond belief

Pretty much all of what we experience, we experience within the context of belief. We each see the world the way we do because of what we believe it to be. Belief is powerful. It can motivate us to do truly magnificent things. It can guide us through all kinds of challenges. It can focus [Read More...]

Be amazed

Statistically, the probability of any of us being here is so small that you’d think the mere fact of existing would keep us all in contented dazzlement of surprise. – Lewis Thomas Sure, life has its problems. But even the most massive set of problems cannot begin to compare to the wonder and amazement of [Read More...]

Vulnerabilities on display

Living authentically is ridiculously easy and terribly difficult. It is so very easy because when we’re truly living and acting from a place of authenticity, life flows naturally and feels effortless. Yet the prospect of authenticity can be frightening and difficult because we don’t have any pretenses to hide behind. All the flaws and vulnerabilities [Read More...]


Do you make judgments about the electricity coming into your house? After all, it can be pretty dangerous stuff. It could kill someone. It could start a fire. But it can also do a whole lot of very useful things, like cook your food, keep you cool on a hot afternoon, and light the darkest night. [Read More...]

A day filled with goodness

Somewhere in the world right now, the sun is shining brightly. Somewhere, a new love is beginning that will last a lifetime. Right now, all around the world, there are children laughing. In this very moment, millions of people are feeling true joy. Creativity is flowering, beauty is being enjoyed, difficult problems are being solved [Read More...]

One hundred percent

Today, you have 100% of your life left. – Tom Hopkins I love this quote because of the 100% part. That’s a good, reassuring number. We tend to measure life with time, but what is time really? It’s mainly something we use to distinguish between one event and another. We think of time as “running [Read More...]