The Miracles of Everyday Life

By John J. Murphy When we are in communion with our true essence, our divine spiritual Self, we are living life at full potential. We are that we are. We are without fear. We are without doubt. We are without any perceived need for approval, control or security. We know that there is no sickness [Read More...]


In order to move forward, you must first be completely clear about where you are. There is nothing to be gained by fighting against what has already happened or by pretending that it never did happen. You are where you are and that’s a great place to be because it is the place where you [Read More...]

Always free

At some level, you are always free. The worries, frustrations, and anxieties all arise from matters that are superficial. Go deeper than that. Go deeper, to a level where nothing can intrude on your experience of all-encompassing peace. In that peace is power. It is not the kind of power that depends on certain circumstances [Read More...]

Lighten your load

A great way of adding new energy to your life is by ridding yourself of the clutter that continually drains your energy. One kind of clutter is physical clutter. In a cluttered environment, you spend much of your time moving things out of the way, or looking through the pile for what you need, and [Read More...]

Step by step

Imagine seeing a large mountain in the distance as you are walking. It looks big and strong and solid and impenetrable. As you walk closer to the mountain, it looms larger and larger. Once you get right up to the base of it, however, something interesting happens. You get so close to the mountain that [Read More...]

Joy to be alive

Start each day with an appreciation for life, and for the joy that it can bring. Stop for a moment to watch the gathering light as the sun begins to appear over the horizon. Step back from the crisis of the moment and put things in perspective. Listen carefully and lovingly to the words of [Read More...]

The challenge of creativity

To be effectively creative, we must learn to manage two distinct processes. First is the process of integration and synthesis of a new idea. Everything new that is created — great buildings, works of art, businesses, complex machines, books, films — must first exist in the mind. New ideas come largely from the integration of [Read More...]


When you fight against something negative, you use most of your energy just to stay even. There is little, if any, remaining to help you get ahead. Even if you win, you lose. Much anxiety comes from fighting against problems. If there is an obstacle standing in your path, look first for a way to [Read More...]

Gratitude and Abundance

When you live and act with gratitude, it keeps you focused on abundance rather than on lack and limitation. Think about it. When you are grateful and appreciative for what you have, your mind is occupied with positive thoughts. By contrast, when you are bitter, resentful or apprehensive about what you don’t have, it focuses [Read More...]

Letting go

Where do your negative feelings come from? Are they being imposed on you from outside? It may seem that way. You may think you have no choice. You may think that it’s not your fault, that you’re being angry because someone is making you angry. But that’s not the case at all. When you’re angry, [Read More...]