Archives for October 2009

Scoot Over

We are transitioning into stewardship season here at Foothills, and I'm still thinking about the neighbors. Mostly because they have taken over our facility, and there's literally no room for new church programs. This has been an ongoing struggle around here, but I had an especially unpleasant night of it last night, and seem to be on a rant today.  One day soon, there will be an aerobics class in my office, and a pottery-poetry-cheese-making club gathered in the bathroom. Enough.I will spare … [Read more...]

Trash Day Discipleship

Try this: put your trash bins out on the wrong day, and see how many of your neighbors follow suit. You will be amazed.  People are looking for leadership and direction all the time, and they don't even have to know you well (or at all) to try what you are doing. The simple presence of your bins out on the curb suggests that, perhaps tomorrow is trash day after all. Rather than trusting their own experience, or the neighborhood newsletter, many will simply put theirs out just in case.  They will … [Read more...]

Saving Space

'Tis the season...not quite for the holidays (although, don't get me started on the radio station that played "Feliz Navidad" on October 1st). No, in Phoenix its the season when people can finally venture outside after months of hibernating in climate-controlled spaces. Parks are buzzing with activity, grills are smokin', and all over the valley people are cleaning out closets and garages for that mainstay of community life: the yard sale.On any given weekend, you can find one on every corner … [Read more...]