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Gaga Gospel

I'm sitting in my office, doing the Holy Week Hustle--the painful and sacred dance that church leaders learn while simultaneously planning services for Good Friday and Easter. All the awkwardness of dancing at prom, with the joy of dancing at a wedding and the pain of the morning AFTER dancing at said wedding, realizing that you are far too old and out of shape to dance for hours in 3-inch-heels. It's that kind of dance.So, here i am, trying to get into a dark and twisty (thanks, Drs. Grey and … [Read more...]

…Like the Easter Bunny Threw Up in Here

A toy catalogue for Easter, Target? Seriously?  I realize that Easter has gone just as mainstream as Christmas. That’s fine.  Christians can’t mark a day as special and then say that nobody else is allowed to be special that day.  Life is short.  Celebrate whenever possible! Make special days meaningful, even if your interpretation differs from the traditional meaning.  But a home/table/child that looks like the Easter Bunny threw up in here? No thanks. [i'm looking at you pottery barn.]In th … [Read more...]