In New Skin, Again

In New Skin, Again April 18, 2014

Yes, this is what I do when I should be working on sermon notes, or prayerfully reflecting on high holy days. I rhyme things. It’s a sickness…


My car and my office are both a big mess

And I’m a big pile of hot-wired stress–

Even the preacher has to confess

when It’s Holy Week again.


Friday’s black (but not like for shopping)

The dang Easter bunny comes hippity hopping

And I wish this headache would just start stopping

It’s Holy Week again


We’re running low on sack cloth and ash

I’d rather have a can of Who-Hash

Or something stronger,  but I lost my stash

It’s Holy Week again.


                 Is there enough parking? Whose turn to bring bread?

                Did our color print ad come out gray-ish instead?

                I asked the doctor, and here’s what he said—

It’s Holy Week again!


My kids had a bath—4 days ago

I think they had breakfast, but I don’t really know

Sunday might rain, but it also could snow.

It’s Holy Week again.


The band has to practice the songs that are sunny

On a Friday that’s dark—which feels kind of funny.

And still, ever still, here comes that damn bunny.

It’s Holy Week again.


Some people say it’s a great day for fasting,

But it takes lots of carbs to preach LIFE EVERLASTING

With the copy machine and the phone both a-blasting

It’s Holy Week again.


              Did we order the lilies? By now it’s a habit.

             Did we charge all the mics? If there’s an extra one, grab it.

             And—please, would somebody just COOK THAT RABBIT?

It’s Holy Week again.



The car and the office can stay a big mess;

And my kid, though she’s dirty, has a new Easter dress.

(If Church is a school, then Easter’s the test)

when It’s Holy Week again.


And grace, with new wings, will dance right down the aisle,

And sit with our children and rest for awhile,

Worship will happen, in whatever style

In Holy Week, again.


And Jesus shows up, in his new Easter skin

He looks like the neighbors, he looks like our kin

He looks like a stranger. And so it begins

Holy Week. Again.









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  • tamalynk

    This is brilliant. And I love it. And it’s Good Friday. And I’m tired. But at least my kids are grown and I no longer need to bathe them!

  • wellston25

    Well written, reminds me of James Carroll’s’ book, “Are you running with me Jesus?”