@Double Prints, and Other #redundantstuff

There's this cabinet in my house. It's supposed to be a hallway linen closet, but we use it for other 'stuff' that doesn't belong anywhere else. Faced with the prospect of moving and packing all our earthly belongings, I dreaded this small space more than any other in the house. It's not a very large area, as storage goes... but, well, it's the place that has the pictures. Boxes. Andboxes. Of pictures.Remember film? Remember going to that junior high youth lock-in, or that high school dance c … [Read more...]

An Existential Yard Sale

Ugh. It is no secret that ‘moving’ consistently appears in the category of ‘most stressful life changes.’ Even if it’s a good move. Even if it’s just across town.  On the angst meter, a physical relocation ranks right up there with death and marriage. (Yeah, I heard it.)I firmly believe that moving would not be nearly as stressful if Americans did not have the chronic affliction known as ‘Way Too Much Freakin Stuff.’ If all I had to do was hop in the car with my family and drive to Kansas, th … [Read more...]

Turning the Page: A (belated) Summer Reading List

I just read a book called The Orchardist that Amazon reader reviews assured me was wonderful!It wasn’t. Actually…it was really wonderful until the last and then the ending just…wasn’t. To me, a story needs a good, round ending to make it worth the journey. When it doesn’t end right, I want those two weeks of my life back. Not to mention the $9.99 I paid for the download. (I’m looking at you, Gone Girl! Worst. Episode. Ever.)That said, here’s some other stuff that I’ve read lately and/or a … [Read more...]

Practicing What We Preach: Why Your Church Needs a Family Leave Policy

When the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ gathers in Orlando this month for its General Assembly, there are some exciting things coming to the floor. One of the topics of discussion is family leave policy for clergy.This piece of church ‘legislation’ is not going to save the world; nor will it impose or dictate any actual procedure on congregations that ultimately oppose its contents. Like any resolution, it is simply an opportunity for our larger organization to affirm an ideal. In thi … [Read more...]

Rejoicing in Truth

So...this happened today.1: FINALLY.2: Seriously, 5-4? How is this still a thing?3: Can we, for the love of all that is holy, please talk about something else now?The Supreme Court ruled that the Defense Against Marriage Act is unconstitutional. And a great cry of, 'you don't say,' arose from the people... It would be swell if the SCOTUS would add an addendum to seal up this business for good. "A bare congressional desire to harm a politically unpopular group cannot justify … [Read more...]

The One Where I Move to Kansas

When I first answered a call to ministry, I think I told the Lord something to the effect of, “I’ll go anywhere but the Midwest.” Kind of like the biblical prophets, only a lot less holy and humble.  Here I am, send me…anywhere but Kansas.Guess what. I’m moving to Kansas.God’s funny like that.You see, it all started when I got too dang comfortable. When I looked around at my wonderful, spirited, fun, affirming, and growing congregation in the desert and said—THIS. This is what I saw … [Read more...]

The New Normal

Guest Post by Cristen Wathen"The only normal people are the ones you don’t know very well." Alfred AdlerI’m a licensed counselor who has worked with a variety of clients over the past five years on issues from career development to sexual abuse to anxiety to spiritual confusion. Before I go out to greet each new client, I like to take a moment to honor the fact that the person I’m about to meet has decided to invite me into his life, to let me see his vulnerabilities, and to share with … [Read more...]

What’s the Point of Church?

Guest Post by The Rev. Andrew ShepherdA few weeks ago, I sat at a conference where a young pastor in his first year expressed frustration about his job, and subsequently his calling. I believe his exact words were “What’s the point of church?” That’s a rough place in which to be: working your first call and suddenly having a crisis of faith -- not necessarily in God, but in the work you’ve dedicated quite a bit of time (and school) to. My response to this question was something like “our soci … [Read more...]

The Other Side of Your Wedding Day: Stuff the Preacher’s Not Telling You

 My friends over at HerKentucky are doing a special series during the month of June about--what else?--weddings! For my guest post yesterday, I shared the wedding experience from the 'other side' of the chancel; the pastor's perspective. Your minister might be too nice to tell you this stuff. But we all know, I'm not that nice! Here is some stuff that we are thinking as you plan for and enjoy your perfect day.1)      We roll inward eyes a little when you say you want 1 Corinthians 13 read in … [Read more...]