Lots of good things start with imaginary Christian persecution. For instance: My first viral blog post– the one that made me think maybe this could be a thing and I should keep writing–was about the so-called “war on Christmas.” ACPC (Affluent Christian Persecution Complex) has also resulted in a completely free marketing campaign for Starbucks! Christmas has sure come early for them this year. Because they chose to go with a minimalist holiday design this year, featuring a solid red cup… Read more

It’s been a big week in Kansas City. Following the Royals’ World Series win, we pretty much shut down the city for a few days. Standing in a sea of half a million people (which later counts put closer to a million) with zero visibility, limited access to food and restroom facilities–all after waiting in hours of traffic just to get there –DOES NOT SOUND LIKE MY IDEA OF A FUN TIME. However, the people who did venture out for the victory… Read more

The Royals won the World Series last night for the first time in 30 years, and this city is losing its mind. Fireworks and cannons were going off at all hours–in the SUBURBS even–school has been cancelled for tomorrow’s parade, and there are rumors of a metro-wide coffee shortage as a sleep-deprived population struggles to function in the actual world today.  It seems like a good time to re-run this post I wrote last year in the post-season. Because it’s… Read more

Guest post: Rev. Dr. Michael Kinnamon Think back to the images from last year in Murrieta, California, where buses of unaccompanied minors and women with children, all fleeing violence in Central America, were blocked by angry, screaming adults. In his column about this incident, the Christian evangelical, Jim Wallis, told of a talk he had recently given on immigration to his son’s fifth-grade class in Washington, DC–a class that was racially, ethnically, and religiously diverse. He talked about families separated or deported because they were undocumented,… Read more

I think I was about 15 the first time I read Pet Sematary. I was terrified. I was grossed out. I was totally hooked. I remember holing up in the basement to watch the movie with some friends. It was ok. But nothing like the delicious thrill of the words on the page, and the invitation those pages offered into the macabre layers of my own imagination. Something about King’s brand of terror has never translated well to the screen…… Read more

It’s the oldest joke in our cultural lexicon: the father, casually cleaning his shotgun on the front porch as the daughter’s date comes to the door. Drop any variation of that scenario into a sit-com, meme or conversation, and you’ve got an instant LoL. A shared experience that some people will even say they’ve experienced firsthand, to some degree, whether as daughter, date or dad. You can say it’s harmless, JUST A JOKE. But given the power that guns wield,… Read more

Your birthday is not the best day to start a diet. So I’m not. However, I do know this to be true— 38 is going to have to be the year when I stop eating whatever I want. I have recently become victim to what my Mamaw has always called “the creeping weight.” It’s creeping because you don’t notice a pound here or two pounds there… until one day your jeans don’t fit, and you’re like ‘what just happened??” and… Read more

This was Sunday’s sermon for World Communion Sunday. As always, the table was filled with different kinds of bread from all over the world. I moved around the table during the sermon and between each story, broke a few pieces of the bread. I will answer now a question you are going to have later–yes, I broke some graham crackers too.  *** In the weeks following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, international aid groups hit the ground with food, water… Read more

Nobody came into my place of work today and shot me. No enraged white man walked into my children’s school and enacted a deranged video game fantasy on multiple young lives. My husband did not get killed in a random interstate drive-by. None of this seems like anything worth reporting. But honestly, I count it as a small miracle. Every day that we walk through the world unscathed by gun violence, it is a gift that I don’t take lightly…. Read more

It’s done. Sort of. The story of a killer. It was one-part true crime, and one-part pure gospel. It was, at best, a true conversion story; and at worst, a glimpse of the dark side of our justice system. Kelly Gissendaner was sentenced in the murder of her husband. She persuaded her then-boyfriend to do the killing–but when all was said and done, the killer took a plea deal that afforded him life in prison, and landed her on death… Read more

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