9 Things that Should Be Easy (and 1 That Should Not)

9 Things that Should Be Easy (and 1 That Should Not) April 28, 2017

I loved my previous life, I loved my previous life. I had so many things going… I actually, this is more work than my previous life. I thought it would be easier.

Incomplete sentences and 2nd grade vocabulary aside, this was yesterday’s not-so-shocking statement from President Man-Child about how very hard it is to be him. I say not-so-shocking, because his narcissism and complete willingness to be obtuse about his own privilege is something we’ve seen before. So of course he thinks his life is rough. Of course he thought this would be easy–because for guys like him, everything always is. And of course, he says something like this in a super awkward attempt to sound humble and–maybe even like a bit of a martyr? “I’m doing all this work for you people, and it’s so much work. You don’t even know. It’s so hard.”


Completely tone deaf. As ever. Also not shocking.

All this against a background of more passive-agressive sniping with North Korea. Edging us closer to a nuclear war that will take our minds off of the whole Russia thing, and ensure his re-election in 4 years (because war-time Presidents have great job security. Just ask G.W).

When DJT says “I thought it would be easy,” I have this flashback to that appalling Barbie that giggled “Gee, math is hard!” Before the feminist thunder came down and removed her disproportionate self from the shelves, thankyouJesus. But I digress. More than likening him to an actual talking doll whose one selling point was her supposedly-adorable ignorance (note: ignorance is never adorable) I can’t help but think of all the things that should be easy. Just now, in 2017, there are SO MANY THINGS that should be easier than they are.

So in the spirit of that Facebook game, where you name 9 bands you’ve seen in concert and 1 that you have not… we’re going to play a little round of “9 Things.” Here are 9 things that should be easy. And one thing that should not.

  1. Getting access to decent healthcare. In America, we have some of the best doctors, education, and medical facilities in the world. We should be able to go to a doctor when we get sick, without it costing as much as a mortgage payment. We should be able to go to a hospital in a crisis, without going into debt. This access should not be a privilege for the wealthy elite. Or, you know, Congressmen.
  2. Funding public schools. Again, this is America. Free and equal education is a central value of our shared identity, and was a hallmark of the vision of our founding fathers. Education is widely regarded as THE best investment of our tax dollars; education touches everything from economic growth to national security. But ask Kansas how sure we are that our schools will even open in the fall.
  3. Equal pay for women. Yeah, it’s 2017. We should not even be talking about this. And yet…
  4. Avoiding nuclear conflict. With all of the shared knowledge of our global community; with all the wonderful advancements of technology and communication; with the ounce of moral direction that God gave a gnat; we should be able to get through a day without a cavalier, off the cuff remark about imminent doom for the planet.
  5. Protecting our National Parks. Agreed-upon sacred space for over a century… Our greatest national treasures. It should be a no-brainer to protect these resources from corporate greed; not portray them as a product of government overreach and evidence of “abuse” against the American people.
  6. Keeping White Nationalists out of major policy-making positions. Or at least, refraining from sending them an engraved invitation.
  7. Going 24 hours without a major gaff or appalling Tweet that sends your spokespeople scrambling on every major network, and makes us the laughing stock of the free world. 
  8. Acknowledging the overwhelming scientific evidence of climate change, and prioritizing alternative energy sources to ensure the future of civilization.
  9. Reading the occasional book and learning something about history. Especially if you have an important job that involves saying things to people, or knowing something about anything.
  10. Being the President of the free world, and arguably, the most powerful man on the planet (Lord, in your mercy…) Being responsible for countless lives and unfathomable resources, both natural and fiscal. Being richAF and having a wide media platform for any combination of words you want to say.

So yes, there are many, many things that should be easy for one who yields the power and influence of the Presidency. 9 of the things on this list should be no sweat. A flick of the pen, and the briefest nod to human decency. But there is one big thing that should not be easy, and that is filling the office of President with dignity and wisdom, and holding the weight of respect for human life that great power demands. Nobody but him would ever say that life would be a lark, a field day, a round of golf with a piece of chocolate cake for dessert.

Only a dangerous combination of arrogance and ignorance could call such a job “easy.” And only an equal measure of courage and compassion will see that he doesn’t get to do this job for long.

Get busy, folks. This should be easy…



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