The Baptism of a Dog: Ponderings from The God of the Future

The Baptism of a Dog: Ponderings from The God of the Future November 24, 2017
Aaron Barnaby / Unsplash
Aaron Barnaby / Unsplash

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Throughout The God of the Future, I struggled. Many of the questions I met were more than I was prepared to deal with. Regardless, I did. The following words, sentences and paragraphs are a witness to my struggle. God was there the entire time and God will be there for all time. Now, about that dog…



[a] Can alien creatures know us?


Doesn’t everybody hate getting dumped? Before I met the love of my life/my wife, I’d fallen in partial love many times before. I can remember a particular heartbreak that came at a difficult hour. Things were just not going well. Then, I got blindsided by a phone call that terminated our relationship. After completing everything for the day, I struggled to get home. Once I did, I went across my living room and dropped down on the couch with a thud. Glad that no one could see me, I started to cry. Within a few seconds, my dog raced over to comfort me. I could tell from the look in her eyes that she knew what was going on. My dog’s presence in those hours brought tremendous comfort. As I talked to her about everything that


happened, I knew she could understand me. I wish that she could have spoken to me. Maybe one day she will. In the last couple of decades, scientists have worked hard to help animals develop communication skills. From teaching sign language to exploring other forms of interactions, scientists are learning more and more. What happens when we arrive at the day when scientists help animals talk and express themselves? It’s not as far off as it seems.


[a] Do animals talk dirty?


Not long after the invitation was given, she started coming down the aisle. Everyone was surprised. When she got down to the front of the church, the pastor didn’t know what to do. She raised up on her back legs and declared, “What must I do to be baptized?” Everyone froze. Eventually, the pastor got the courage to ask, “Do you want to follow Jesus?” She responded, “I do.” Reaching out his hand, the pastor grabbed her paw and led her up the steps. Looking into her eyes, the pastor managed to ask, “Where did you learn to talk?” “I am the product of recent scientific breakthroughs.” As they walked down into the water, fur floated everywhere. After a profession of faith, the pastor baptized the dog. Our ability to communicate with animals is rapidly expanding. With increased ability to engage in communication, we will be faced with a number of difficult questions. Should animals be baptized? Do animals have souls? Can animals pastor churches? Can animals recognize their own sin? The questions are endless…and we are not prepared for the answers.




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