Black Breasts and White Impotence




*This piece is based on an incident that recently happened to 25-year-old Chikesia Clemons at a Waffle House in Saraland, Alabama



The hour was late. Though she wanted to go to bed, she was still hungry. Every true Southerner knows about Waffle House. I know I’ve found myself there many times. Desiring something a little quicker than a full service meal, she had placed a meal to go. Sitting at the counter, she noticed the nasty stares that the waitress kept on giving her. She knew what it meant. Every true Southerner does. She was surprised. She’d just been in the restaurant the night before and didn’t have any problem. When the food finally arrived, the nasty waitress wanted her to pay fifty cents for the plastic utensils. Outraged, she refused. After further exchange, she demanded the contact information for the district manager. While she waited, multiple police officers entered the restaurant and immediately became hostile. Suddenly, they grabbed her and slammed her on the ground. In the midst of the unprovoked attack, they ripped her shirt and her breasts crashed onto the floor. The officers seemed to enjoy the spectacle of it all. Ultimately, arresting her and charging her. In the midst of such evil, the people in the restaurant just sat and ate their waffles.



Can you imagine if she were white?



What if those breasts had been white?



This shit would have never happened.


The woman would not have been rude/racist.


The plastic utensils would have been free.


The police would never have been called.


The other customers would not have ignored a woman getting her ass kicked.


The answer is clear.


This shit would never have happened.



White breasts could have saved her.



Black breasts did not.



The impotence of whiteness is represented by all of those pieces of shit that remained seated at their tables.





video and further info:

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